100% Voronezh

Main programme
6 June 2018Wednesday
Opera and Ballet Theatre

Joint project Rimini Protokoll (Germany-Switzerland)

and the Platonov Arts Festival

For the first time in Russia!

Concept: Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel

Project curator in Voronezh: Helgard Haug

Coordinators from the festival: Kristina Begesheva, Maria Dedova


The performance is a nominee for the Russian National Theatre Award "Golden Mask"-2019 in the "Experiment" category. It is included in the rating of the best Russian performances of the season, according to the Association of Theatre Critics.

One of the main theatre events of 2018, according to Afisha Daily.

One of the 10 most unusual performances of the "Golden Mask" Award, according to TASS.

"100% Voronezh" is a documentary performance based on statistical data, in which the participants are not actors, but real residents of the city. 100 people on stage represent a statistical sample of the population of a city with a million people. Participants are selected by gender, age, nationality, family composition, area of residence and other criteria according to the formula: 1 person on stage = 1% of the population. Thus, 100 participants in the performance represent a statistical cross-section of the population of Voronezh.

Citizens tell the audience about themselves and their way of life, they express their opinion on a number of topical issues - acute, philosophical and even frivolous - by voting. The performance is accompanied by an online video projection and a live performance by the Voronezh band The Sheepray.

For the first time, 100 citizens went on the theatre stage in the "100% Berlin" project in 2008. Then the idea of "100% City" was implemented around the world, including London, Vienna, Cologne, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, Marseille, Tokyo, Philadelphia, Montreal, Melbourne. Each time, Rimini Protokoll creates a performance anew, based on the characteristics of the city.

"100% Voronezh" is the premiere of this unique project in Russia.

"This unusual performance is a must-see for every Voronezh citizen. We have an opportunity to see ourselves from the stage, to see our city, represented by its real residents" Mikhail Bychkov

Rimini Protokoll is the most famous European documentary theatre company. The group was created in 2000 in Berlin by three directors, graduates of the famous University of Giessen: Stefan Kaegi, Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel.

All of their projects are based on real facts and provide viewers with an exceptional experience of recognition and empathy. Rimini Protokoll work on the edge of what is usually considered theatre: they are interested in theatre as a tool with which they dissect reality.

Rimini Protokoll are winners of prestigious theatre awards, including the German National Theatre Award "Faust", the main European award for creative pursuits "Europe – New Theatrical Realities", and the Silver Lion of the Venice Biennale.

In Russia, their projects "Remote St. Petersburg", "Remote Moscow", "Cargo Moscow", " Home Visit Europe" (nominated for the "Golden Mask" Award-2018) and others.