World Music in the White Well

World music
11 June 2023Sunday
Quarry "White Well"

The Soil (South Africa)

Light in Babylon (Turkey)

Megi Gogitidze (Georgia)

OTYKEN (Russia)

The Soil was created by childhood friends on the basis of the school team in 2003. Growing up in a poor suburb of Johannesburg, they were deprived of the opportunity to study music, but under the influence of the local capital of jazz and blues Sophiatown, they were able to create a band that became incredibly popular in South Africa and far beyond its borders.

The group's style is defined as Kasi Soul and is an original mix of jazz and Afro soul with hip hop and Afro-pop. The musicians perform their songs a cappella in the Xhosa language and in English.

Light in Babylon performs original Oriental Mediterranean music. Based in Istanbul, the young group combines several ethnic cultures: the Iranian - Israeli songwriter Michal Elia Kamal sings accompanied by Turkish musicians.

The band has achieved impressive success in Turkey and has a large and growing fan base in Europe. They played at such famous festivals as Stimmen Festival, Fusion Festival, Heimathafen Neukolln, Nuits du Sud, Balkanik Festival, Bridge Festival and others. Their YouTube channel has over 30 million views.

Megi Gogitidze is a singer and songwriter who has created her own unique style. Georgian ethnicity and soulful poetic lines are framed by modern sound ranging from folk and rock to jazz and dream pop performed by Cuban musicians.

Now Megi is known not only in her native Georgia, but all over the world. She has given sold-out concerts in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Baku, Yerevan, became the headliner on the main stage of the Wild Mint festival and went on a big tour to Russian cities. The title track of her album "Nu Geshinia" has over 22 million views on YouTube so far.

OTYKEN is a multinational band, which includes representatives of the indigenous peoples of Siberia. The team defines its style as "S-pop" (Siberian folk-pop music) - a combination of modern techno, R&B and rock rhythms with ancient melodies, throat singing and playing on giant deer skin drums. In 2021, the band became the winner of the international ethnic festival "Music of the World". OTYKEN songs in Chulym, Khakass, Dolgan and Russian languages are broadcast on the radio in different countries of the world.