White Dreams

Main programme
1 July 2023Saturday
Park "Dolphin"

"Plasticine Rain" Theatre (Samara)

Duration - 40 minutes

Venue: Skatepark

"White Dreams" is an incredible story, in which the audience become the participants. No matter how much you pinch yourself, you won't be able to wake up. You will not want to break away from such a dream with tricks on stilts, crazy dances and humorous miniatures.

During its 30-year history, "Plasticine Rain" has gone from plastic youth theatre to one of the leading street theatres in Russia. Performances of the group are wordless, and thus understandable to viewers anywhere in the world. Artists often perform on stilts, doing impressive tricks on them.

"Plasticine Rain" is a participant of street theatre festivals in St. Petersburg, Perm, Arkhangelsk, Tyumen, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Tula and other cities. The artists performed at the official closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi, participated in the programme of the World Cup in Samara. Since 2011, "Plasticine Rain" has been holding a festival of street art of the same name, where theatres from Russia, Hungary, Belarus, Australia, Argentina, Germany, Canada, France, the Czech Republic, Spain, Chile and other countries have performed.