Weekends are only once a week

Main programme
1 July 2023Saturday
Park "Dolphin"

Theatre KARLSSON HAUS (St. Petersburg)

Duration – 1 hour 30 minutes

Venue: the starting point is the New Acquaintances Park

"Weekends..." is a puppet show-promenade, which can be watched by anyone who is in the park. You just need to stop for a minute and look: what are these elderly heroes doing? They are busy with their simple affairs: someone is dancing, someone is taking pictures, someone is having a picnic. The oldies can afford not rush anywhere and spend time with pleasure. The only thing they can't do is talk. The project removes the stigma from the topic of old age, makes the invisible visible and works with the practice of non-verbal communication. It helps to feel that speech and intelligence are only a small part of our communication capabilities.

Theatre Karlsson Haus was created by a group of St. Petersburg puppeteers in 2006 and quickly turned into one of the most notable puppet theatres in the country. Such well-known directors as Alexey Lelyavsky, Evgeny Ibragimov, Boris Konstantinov, Pyotr Vasilyev, Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya have produced performances here. The theatre has received many awards and has repeatedly participated in international festivals.