Weapon of Hearts

Based on the screenplay by Andrey Platonov "The Ivanov Family"
Platonov programme
17 September 2023Sunday
Voronezh concert hall

St. Petersburg Youth Theatre on the Fontanka

Directed by Yuri Tsurkanu

Premiered on December 30th, 2022

Duration – 3 hours 40 minutes with an intermission

Andrey Platonov wrote the movie script "The Ivanov Family" in 1945. The ordeals of previous years have changed a lot: acuity of perception, values, relationships with other people. Platonov showed a family that during the war years found themselves on the verge of collapse. How to gain new strength to live on, avoid destruction, build the future?..

"I am attracted by a special language, the originality of the author, the characters he created are an undeservedly forgotten layer of Platonov's artistic searches in the field of the main topic of Russian literature, the topic of a "little man" capable of great things." Yuri Tsurkanu