Main programme
1 July 2023Saturday
Park "Dolphin"

Puppet theatre named after V. Volkhovsky (Voronezh)

Duration - 40 minutes

Venue: Skatepark

The performance "Thumbelina" was created by the team of Anna Shishkina and Oleg Skotnikov, the founders of the oldest street theatre in Russia - "Mr. Pejo's wandering dolls" (St. Petersburg). The authors of the production do not just transfer the action of Andersen's fairy tale to the square, they invite the audience to look into the backstage of the theatre. An additional storyline about an actress saying goodbye to the stage and dreaming of playing her favorite role for the last time also appears in the performance.

"This is not a postmodern story based on Andersen's work - this is "Thumbelina", not limited to a fairy tale. And the most important thing for me in this performance is that it ends well - at the level of children's reading, and at the level of adult understanding. This is what I want to give the viewer: a little joy, a little happiness - a little theatrical happiness." Director Anna Shishkina

Voronezh Puppet theatre named after V. Volkhovsky is one of the oldest puppet theatres in Russia, with its history beginning in 1925. It was recreated in April 1944, a year after the liberation of Voronezh. It takes part in international festivals of puppet theatres in Russia and Europe. The theatre is the laureate of the Fyodor Volkov Award and a multiple winner of various festivals. The theatre's repertoire includes more than 40 performances for all categories of the audience - for children from 2 years of age, parents with children from 10 years of age and adults.