Steamboat "Babelon": from large to small, or Subjunctive mood in history

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10 June 2023Saturday
Creative Industries Centre "Matryoshka"

Afanasy Mamedov – a writer, the author of the novels "The Khazar Wind", "Frau Shram", "Steamboat Babelon", the stories "A cop had a dog", "Reboot in Tunisia", "First of all - the planes", collections of stories "Elephant", "Absheron Chronicle” and others, journalist and literary critic. From 2007 to 2016, he was the editor-in-chief of the Lechaim magazine. In 2016-2022, he led the author's column "Green Lamp" on the portal of the online bookstore "Labyrinth". His articles are published in the magazines "Druzhba narodov", "Oktyabr", "Znamya", "Noviy Mir" and others. He was the member of the Writers' Union of Moscow, Russian PEN Centre (until 2018).

He is the finalist of the following awards: "Russian Booker" (the novel "Frau Shram", 2003), "Book of the Year" in the category "Prose of the Year" ("Elephant", 2004), I.A. Bunin literary award ("Elephant", 2005), the Yasnaya Polyana Literary Award named after L.N. Tolstoy ("Frau Shram", "Elephant", 2005), the All-Russian Book Award "Chekhov's Gift" (story "Smoking Ivory Jacket", 2011). He is the laureate of the Yuri Kazakov Literary Award (story "Bekar", 2007), Ivan Belkin literary award (story "A cop had a dog", 2010) and the finalist of the "Big Book" National Award (novel "Steamboat Babelon", 2022).