Sincere show

Main programme
2 July 2023Sunday
Park "Dolphin"

Theatre "Ognennie Ludi" (Moscow)

Duration - 40 minutes

Venue: Pier

"Sincere Show" is a story about simple things, told in the language of clowning and fire. To the sounds of copper pipes, thunderous applause, bursts of laughter, cries of delight and exclamations of gratitude, the artists involve the spectators in their game, filled with unexpected game moments and bright special effects.

"Ognennie Ludi" theatre is a laboratory of images and special effects, a mobile carnival workshop, an original group that appeared on the Moscow alternative scene when a wave of interest in street theatre and new forms of performing arts rose in the early 2000s. Starting with street performances, spontaneous carnival processions and club shows, they are remembered by the public for their unique comic presentation and an independent look at creativity. Today "Ognennie Ludi" is an accomplished and recognisable project that combines strict form and improvisation, maintaining a balance between theatre and circus, trick and human sincerity, danger and laughter.