On the sand

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23 June 2023Friday

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"On the Sand" is a new music project of the Directorate of the International Platonov Arts Festival, which unites modern Russian bands and is aimed primarily at the young audience. On the first day of the open-air event on the embankment of the Petrovskaya naberezhnaya, the spectators will see the artists who reinterpret the folklore of different regions of Russia.

"Gollu" is a project of the ethnographic label Ored Recordings, performing traditional Karachay-Balkar music. A team of young like-minded people collects information about native music, studies archives, musical scores and restores authentic instruments (kyl-kobuz violin and sybyzgy end-blown flute) and half-forgotten song genres: from heroic ballads to ritual dance melodies (Gollu is actually the name of one of the dances). The chamber and melodic folk of the group is not a reconstruction and an attempt to imitate grandparents, but modern, fresh music that preserves the traditions of the peoples of the Caucasus.


 High-pitched Russian chants and traditional songs meet and fall in love with jazz hooligans in the "hodíla ízba" project. Graduates of the Gnesin Academy, in collaboration with musicians from popular bands, combine the voices of the villages, wonderful texts and rituals of our ancestors with jazz, funk, rock, hip-hop and trip-hop, striving for a cathartic experience in which joy, sadness, excitement, mysticism and silence are equally important.

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