My Soul Pavel

Based on the novel by Alexey Varlamov
Main programme
4 September 2023Monday
Voronezh concert hall

Russian Academic Youth Theatre

Directed by Alexei Borodin

Playwright- Polina Babushkina

Premiered on April 14th, 2022

Duration - 3 hours with an intermission

Laureate of the Theatre Award "MK" in the nomination "Best Large Form Performance” (2022)

Winner of the "Hit of the Season" Award (2023) by the Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation

Early 1980s. A seventeen-year-old Pavel Nepomiluev comes to Moscow from a "closed" city not marked on the map, miserably fails in the entrance exams, but by a happy coincidence, he still becomes a student of the famous philological faculty of the Moscow State University. The way to the auditorium lies through the collective farm field, where during the traditional trip "to cultivate the potato field" Pavel will have to take the first "ritual of initiation": to defend his convictions or say goodbye to his dreams forever.

"... a performance that makes you think and worry. Thus, do what the viewer goes to the theatre for." Andrey Maksimov, Rossiyskaya Gazeta

"This is a wise performance by Alexei Borodin and Alexey Varlamov. This is a bold performance by the Russian Academic Youth Theatre. This performance is honest and necessary." Lev Yakovlev, "Vtornik" magazine