Mother's Heart

Based on stories by Vasily Shukshin, texts by Nicholas and Helena Roerich and poems by Kozma Prutkov
Main programme
Cancelled event
Voronezh concert hall

Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre

Directed by Andrey Moguchy

Premiered on April 24th, 2022

Duration – 4 hours 20 minutes with two intermissions

8 nominations for the Russian National Theatre Award "Golden Mask – 2023"

Drama theatre special jury award "For creating the image of a Russian woman portrayed by the actress Nina Usatova"

 In the centre of the plot of "Mother's Heart" is the story of an ordinary Russian woman Avdotya Gromova, who travels across the country to Moscow on an old Ural motorcycle to save her son Vitka from prison. The road ahead is long, Avdotya will meet many people along the way, and everyone has their own destiny, their own story, their own grief. But the mother's heart is boundless – big, strong, limitless, like the country – Avdotya will help everyone, will take their troubles away... But will she save her son…?

"Bringing history to an epic level, the level of a parable, a fairy tale seemed to be an appropriate and interesting task. That is why, poems by the main Russian absurdist of the 19th century, Kozma Prutkov, fragments of the texts by Nicholas and Helena Roerich, in particular, from the "Living Ethics", paradoxically appeared in the performance. Shukshin's stories and novels are also epic and large-scale. The problem of the Russian character that tormented Shukshin, the path of a Russian person and the fate of the Russian land is a drama that Shukshin was preoccupied with." Director Andrey Moguchy