Main programme
2 July 2023Sunday
Park "Dolphin"

"Mr. Pejo's wandering dolls" (St. Petersburg)

Duration - 40 minutes

Venue: Skatepark

They are smiling. They play the flute. They are dancing. They will put you to bed and tuck you in a blanket. In the performance "Moonsters", five Months establish their lunar orders and, at the end, put the audience to sleep, plunging them into the world of magical dreams. A lyrical and funny interactive performance filled with gentle paradoxes of that time of childhood, when a magical world with secrets and snowy caves fit under the blanket, and the realm of sleep was a zone for games, walks and revelations.

"Mr. Pejo's wandering dolls" is a theatre of carnival culture, masks, grotesque and buffoonery, which was founded in 1993 in St. Petersburg. The actors draw inspiration from baroque opera, historical fencing, martial arts, medieval miniatures, Fellini's circus and literally everything that surrounds them. During the theatre's interactive performances everyone has a chance to become a King, a Brave Knight, a Beauty Princess, a Beast or just an amazed spectator. The "Wandering dolls" charm with their simultaneously scary and beautiful masks, magical stories and the magic of a spectacle that goes back to the best traditions of European carnival.