Lost caravan

Main programme
2 July 2023Sunday
Park "Dolphin"

Authentic theatre "Eskizy v prostranstve" (Moscow)

Duration – 40 minutes

Venue: beside the Lighthouse

"Lost Caravan" is a performance-procession of mythical animals led by unusual characters that resemble shamans or dervishes. They slowly, mesmerisingly move through the crowd, making several stops, during which they present plastic interludes. "Lost Caravan" is a poetic action of a mystical nature about the beauty and fragility of our world.

"Eskizy v prostranstve" is an independent theatre created by Moscow actors, directors and artists. Going beyond classical theatre productions, the team specialises in creating street performances and theatre performance events. "Eskizy v prostranstve" is a participant of the Theatre Olympics - 2019, as well as international festivals in Germany, France, China, Romania and the CIS countries. In the summer of 2020, the team bought a cottage in the Vladimir region at their own expense and, together with the creative community "MIRA", turned it into the Rural Drama and Comedy Theatre in Fomikha. "Eskizy v prostranstve" is a resident of the New Space of the Theatre of Nations, the Praktika Theatre and the creative community "MIRA."