King Lear

Main programme
1 July 2023Saturday
Park "Dolphin"

Educational theatre project "Shakespearia" (Voronezh)

Duration - 20 minutes

Venue: Amphitheatre

"King Lear" was born back in 2021, but over time it has transformed from a dramatic production into a street performance in the genre of clowning. The artists will act out a well-known plot using the language of plasticity, the text of the original play translated by Boris Pasternak and storytelling techniques. At the festival "Edges of Talent" in Moscow, the performance was awarded in the nominations "the best interpretation of Shakespeare's text" and "the best female role".

The educational theatre project "Shakespearia" was created in 2014 on the initiative of the Head of the foreign language schools IH linguist - Natalia Vlasova and an actor and director Kamil Tukaev. The project combines foreign language teaching and theatre practice. Since the creation of "Shakespearia", its participants have presented their productions at international festivals in Europe: Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, Latvia. Voronezh teenagers had a chance to work with directors such as Paul Bourne, Jonathan Salway, Ian Raby, Solimano Pontarollo, Etta Ermini, Jesper La Cour Andersen, Emily Butler and others.