Andrey Platonov
Platonov programme
10 June 2023Saturday
Voronezh concert hall

Serov Drama Theatre named after A. Chekhov

Directed by Dmitry Zimin

Premiered on July 9th, 2021

Duration – 2 hours 40 minutes with an intermission

Laureate of the Sverdlovsk regional competition of theatre works and the festival "Bravo!" in the nominations "Best performance in a drama theatre", "Best director", "Best male role", "Best supporting role"

Certificate of the Theatre Critics Association

According to a Turkmen folk belief, dzhan is a soul that seeks happiness. In Andrey Platonov's story, this is how beggars, orphans and fugitives who found shelter in the vicinity of Sary-Kashym, Ust-Urt and the Amudarya delta call themselves. A young economist, Nazar Chagataev, sets out to look for them. He has to overcome a long way from the courtyard of the Moscow Economic Institute to the very heart of the desert. He does it in order to return the people forgotten by God to a decent human existence.

The performance "Dzhan" is both a parable about the destiny of a person in the big world and a discussion about whether it is possible to create a paradise on earth for others without losing oneself.