Dervish In Progress

International programme
2 June 2023Friday
Sovetskaya Square

Choreographer and performer - Ziya Azazi (Turkey)

For the first time in Russia!

Premiered in 2004

Duration - 25 minutes

Zia Azazi has performed as a dancer in the city theatres of Istanbul, worked with various dance groups in Vienna. In 1999, he received a Dance Weber Scholarship and was awarded the "Most Outstanding Dancer of the Year in Austria" by Ballet International magazine. For many years he has been practicing whirling, one of the main dances of Sufism, interpreting it through various choreographic practices. The direction he created is called Dervish In Progress. During his 30-year artistic career, he has implemented many projects and collaborations and performed in 50 countries around the world. His creative work has been recognised at the highest level, Zia Azazi has taken part in special events, presenting his shows in front of members of the royal families from countries such as Denmark, Morocco, the Netherlands, Thailand and the UK.