Main programme
1 July 2023Saturday
Park "Dolphin"

Street theatre AspektR (St. Petersburg)

Duration - 40 minutes

Venue: the starting point is beside the Lighthouse

The performance-procession "Cosmo" is the capture of the city by benevolent aliens who change our perspective on familiar things. You see these streets every day and you know every tree in the alley, and for these strange creatures this is the first meeting with an unfamiliar space. Join now! Exploring the place by themselves, they are sure to show you something new and amazing. Discover your hometown from a new angle!

"AspektR" is the only street theatre in Russia that specialises in the "walking act" genre (performance in motion), which is uncommon for our country, but is a very popular form of performance in Europe. In their shows, the group uses the technique of mask animation, dance and interactive engagement with the audience. While creating images of the characters, they rely on the personality of the artists themselves, who set the plasticity, mood and atmosphere of the performance.