... and again Spring

O. Henry
Main programme
22 September 2023Friday
Voronezh Academic Drama Theatre named after A.Koltsov — big stage

Nationwide Theatre "Hamazgain" named after Sos Sargsyan (Armenia)

Directed by Narine Grigoryan

For the first time in Russia!

Premiered on October 29th, 2021

Duration – 1 hour 45 minutes without an intermission

Narine Grigoryan's performance is based on five short stories by O. Henry, which succeed each other like the seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter, and again spring...

These are simply and humorously written stories about love, devotion, self-sacrifice. The characters perform heroic deeds, forgive, dream, not noticing that they are driven by the laws of nature.

"The whole production is woven from lively and witty effects, incredible gags, bright characters and light gestures. Actors juggle images and dreams, metaphors and memories of an eccentric youth, add poetic features to the funny stories." Sona Meloyan, "Voice of Armenia"