Air Oceanarium

Main programme
1 July 2023Saturday
Park "Dolphin"

Air theatre "UFO" (Moscow)

Duration - 30 minutes

Venue: the starting point is beside the Lighthouse

The show "Air Oceanarium" connects the underwater and air worlds, presenting their amazing inhabitants. They travel to different cities and countries to give people joy, delight, excitement and beautiful photographs. The characters of the show: kites of unusual shapes, tadpoles, jellyfish, octopuses, caterpillars, stars and other bright inhabitants of the "Air Oceanarium" - love to interact with the audience, affectionately flirting with them and frankly wagging their tail right in front of their noses.

The air theatre "UFO" was created on the initiative of Pavel Kiselev, who launched more than 15 show projects, stage performances and interactive installations. This is the first team in Russia that specialises in working with kites.