World music in the White Well

World music
13 June 2021Sunday
Quarry “White Well”

Zventa Sventana (Россия)

"White Well" Chalk Quarry (12 km from Voronezh along the Kursk highway)


Spectators will be able to get to the White Well and back on the festival buses free of charge.

Free parking will be organised for personal vehicles.


We recommend our audience to bring blankets and rugs with you to make yourself comfortable on the beach.

World Music in the White Well is a concert without which it is already impossible to imagine the Platonov Festival. Every year several thousand people gather in one of the most picturesque places in the Voronezh region - a quarry with chalk hills, sandy beaches and transparent lakes – to listen to current folk and get imbued with the musical culture of different parts of the world.

Zventa Sventana is the headliner of the "World Music in the White Well" concert. It is a Russian musical project by Tina Kuznetsova and Yuri Usachev. The team breaks down stereotypes about folk music and weaves folklore with dance electronics, indie pop and even neo-classics.

All Zventa Sventana tracks are folk songs unknown to the wide audience. They are taken from the archives of Russian folklorists and their own expeditions to villages and embodied in a new sound.

The band was the headliner of the Manor Jazz Festival, Wild Mint Folk Festival. At the end of 2019, the MTV Russia TV channel named Zventa Sventana "Musician of the Year". Zventa Sventana's music video "My Husband Is Not Home", filmed in collaboration with Ivan Dorn, won the Berlin Music Video Awards 2020.

"Zventa Sventana's perfomances pierce and fuse together not just musical genres, but time layers, tradition and modernity, past and future."

"As if plasma welding has held together the seemingly impossible - the ancient Russian syllable and modern jazz drive."

Time Out Magazine