Three sisters

International programme
12 June 2021Saturday
Venue 1900

Munich Kammerspiele

Director - Susanne Kennedy

Free admission by prior registration

Duration - 1 hour 25 minutes without intermission

Premiered on April 27th, 2019

In German with Russian subtitles


Susanne Kennedy's "Three Sisters" became, without any exaggeration, one of the most high-profile events of the European theatre of the 2019/20 season. Released on the eve of the pandemic, the performance was invited to the programmes and was supposed to become the headliner of the most famous festivals from Greece to the Netherlands, public interest in it was growing exponentially (and there was an impending danger of an explosion), those who had already watched the performance were retelling it to those who still did not do it, and the festival curators competed for the right to be the first to present it in their programme. But theatres closed, and as a result, most spectators managed to see "Three Sisters" online only.

Susanne Kennedy, a director who has been rapidly gaining popularity in Europe in recent years, places Chekhov's characters in a sterile, possibly even post-apocalyptic space ("In two, three hundred years, life on earth will be unimaginably beautiful, amazing"?), deprives them of emotions, facial expressions, voices, even faces (actors are in masks, instead of their voices there is a phonogram). It may even be that these are no longer living people, but scraps of repeating patterns, phrases recorded a long time ago, noise in the digital space. The technologies of the future, at the same time, are present here both at the level of content and at the level of form, and you never stop asking the question: "How is this done technically?" throughout the entire performance. The decision, which we see to be so suitable for the Chekhov's play about the people who always talk about the same thing, but cannot make a step, turned out to be a prophetic one in some way: for two consecutive years now, live human communication is something more unusual now, than communication through video conferencing and messengers.

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