The interfluve’s dreams

Dance performance
Voronezh programme
3 June 2021Thursday
Chamber Theatre — main stage

The Voronezh Chamber theatre (big stage)

Choreographer – Victoria Archaya

Premiere - May 13th, 2021

The first performance of the choreographer, dancer and head of the dance group of the Chamber Theatre Victoria Archaya, which she staged on the big stage of the theatre.

Victoria says about the new performance: "In this work I wanted to share thin multi-level layers of dreams - in which everything that is most important or ancient is often hidden, everything that we actually know from birth, but so often hide in the corners of the subconscious.

I wanted to share something personal - a feeling of support and assistance of the closest people, a single whole - in sincere love; the desire to run away, be in time and survive; or forgive, rubbing the ashes between your fingers. To live through an irreplaceable loss and at the same time to smile at the one who came today, thanking the world."

Victoria Archaya is a ballet choreographer, teacher-choreographer, dancer, professional teacher of contemporary dance and performative practices.

Graduate of the Moscow State Institute of Culture, Faculty of Folk Dance and Modern Choreography. Participant of numerous workshops by foreign and Russian choreographers.

Laureate of the 1st degree at the All-Russian competition of ballet dancers and choreographers in 2019. Laureate of the Russian-French DansePlatforma festival (special prize of the French jury - "Movement from the Heart"). Laureate and finalist of contemporary dance festivals Proba N4, Promotion, Watch 1.0, Diversia, The First Avant-Garde Factory, Futurum, Spontaneous Choreography and others. Resident of the festival Territory-2019.

In 2017, she founded her own modern dance company Libertatem, whose performances have been repeatedly awarded at competitions and festivals. In particular, one of the last performances of the company - "Gaudi", 2020 - entered the short-list of the OpenLook festival.