Andrey Platonov
Contemporary art programme
13 June 2021Sunday
Chamber Theatre — small stage

Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre

Directed by Angelina Migranova, Rodion Sabirov

 Sound design - Stepan Andreev

 Video design - Alexey Fomyakov, Daniil Yakovlev

 Director assistant - Anna Morozova

 Characters and performers:

A woman - Ilona Litvinenko

A man - Andrey Kovzel

A boy - Vladimir Kovzel

Duration - 50 minutes without intermission

Premiere - January 17th, 2021

The sketch for the play was born in the course of the "Electrification" theatre workshop, which was held at the Novokuznetsk Drama Theatre under the direction of Alexander Vislov. The sketch will be advanced and made into a proper performance special for the Platonov Festival.

All the Russian theatre community began to talk about the young directors Angelina Migranova and Rodion Sabirov after they put on the play "5 mm /h", which was nominated for the "Golden Mask" Award this year. In their new work, they put together the story of Platonov and his letters to his wife.

A cow separated from a calf suffers. A schoolboy Vasya Rubtsov, the son of a trackman, takes on the animal’s pain for the loss of its loved one. And soon the boy gets a new experience – an encounter with death.

The story was written in 1938 and published after the death of the author. The directors and the artists explore the feelings of loss, expectation, ignorance, the collision of life and death in the sketch.