International programme
10 June 2021Thursday
Venue 1900

Thalia Theater (Hamburg)

Director - Antu Romero Nunez

Free admission by prior registration

Duration - 1 hour 50 minutes without intermission

Premiered on May 20th, 2017

In a fictional language without subtitles


The performance joined the programme of the Theatertreffen festival in 2018, and in 2020 it was supposed to come to the Platonov Festival, but the pandemic intervened in the theatre's touring plans. The production of one of the most popular German directors of the middle generation Antu Romero Nunez with the participation of two brilliant actors of the famous Thalia Theater Thomas Niehaus and Paul Schroeder is a mind-blowing farce, sparkling clownery on the topic of one of the most famous and controversial heroes of the world culture - Ulysses.

It turns out (according to the director) that Ulysses had two sons - Telemachus from Penelope who was waiting for him to be back, and Telegonus from the sorceress Circe who was holding him back. Having met by chance at their father's funeral, the sons arrange a kind of "competition" for his legacy and along the way wonder who he was after all: a hero or a deceiver. It is interesting that this fantasy does not even require words - the performance is in an invented language, and therefore is understandable to everyone.

Video screenings of the performances from the programme of the German theatre festival Theatertreffen take place within the framework of the Year of Germany in Russia.