Henrik Ibsen
Voronezh programme
4 June 2021Friday
Chamber Theatre — main stage

The Voronezh Chamber theatre

Director, artist – Mikhail Bychkov

Costume designer - Anastasia Fertik

Lighting designer - Ivan Vinogradov

Premiered on October 3rd, 2020

Mikhail Bychkov, the artistic director of the Chamber Theatre and the Platonov Arts Festival, the laureate of the international Stanislavsky award and a multiple nominee for the Golden Mask award acted as the director, the artist and the author of the stage version of the performance Ghosts.

Throughout her life, Fru Alving has kept silent about the truth, agreeing with the notions of duty imposed by society. Her house is teeming with the ghosts of the past, and its inhabitants are constantly not revealing something - figuratively and literally (the director removes part of the text and cuts off the characters' remarks in mid-sentence). But, as you know, the more desperately you hide something, the closer is the tragic resolution.

Famous actors of the Chamber Theatre - Natalya Shevchenko, Yuri Ovchinnikov, Andrei Miroshnikov, and debutants - Andrey Averyanov and Daria Lesnykh - are both involved in the performance.

"This is a chiseled, witty and beautiful performance of the 'old theatre', composed in the nineteenth century and complemented by the spicy decadent notes of the twentieth century." Vadim Rutkovsky, CoolConnections