International programme
14 June 2021Monday
Venue 1900

Volksbühne Berlin

Director - Frank Castorf

Free admission by prior registration

Duration - 6 hours with two intermissions

Premiered on March 3rd, 2017

In German with Russian subtitles


Yet another director whose performance is worth seeing for anyone actively interested in theatre is 69-year-old Frank Castorf. Being one of the most respected German directors, who has remained one of the main theatre provocateurs in the world for many years, he staged Faust, a performance that is part of the golden pool of German literature and drama. In his interpretation it lasts six hours, the scenes of the performance partly reproduce the original quite accurately, and partly deviate from it freely, but the plot as a whole does not at all contradict Goethe’s text.

This is Castorf's last premiere as intendant at the Volksbühne Theater, the head of which he had been for nearly 25 years. His departure from the office was accompanied by a scandal, he was on the lips of the whole theatre world, and "Faust" became a bright final point in his relations with Volksbühne.

The audience of the Platonov Festival will have a unique opportunity to go on a six-hour journey together with the great director, because technically Castorf's performances are so complex that chances are incredibly low that we will see them soon in Voronezh or somewhere else in Russia. By the way, Frank Castorf also staged Andrey Platonov - his performance "Chevengur" at the Stuttgart Theater had been the object of interest of the Platonov Festival for a long time, but, unfortunately, like others, turned out to be nearly impossible to tour.

Video screenings of the performances from the programme of the German theatre festival Theatertreffen take place within the framework of the Year of Germany in Russia.