Draw a bath, go out into the woods: instructions from an impresario

4 June 2021Friday

A meet-the-artist event with Fedor Elyutin

A cycle of meet-the-artist events for Voronezh theatre specialists: directors, artists, producers, employees of the creative departments of theatres (all those who in the future can come up with the initiative and create a theatre project in Voronezh in one of the directions presented).

Participation is free of charge, by prior registration. An obligatory condition for participation is the possibility to attend all three meet-the-artist events of the course.

In order to register, please write to raisa@platonovfest.com, indicate "Lectures of the Voronezh case" in the subject line and tell us a little about yourself in the letter.

How have the "Impresario" company released five online performances with foreign partners and started creating original projects? How did they keep the audience and the vitality of the team during the lockdown? What will the next stories be about?

Fedor Elyutin is a producer, an impresario, a director, a member of the Union of Theatre Workers of Russia, the laureate of the Vakhtangov Award. He is the founder of an independent theatre and production company "Impresario", which has been looking around the world for masterpieces of experimental theatre and bringing them to Moscow since 2014. The company has presented many names to the Russian audience, making the Russian versions of the most popular performances of the German company Rimini Protokoll (Remote Moscow, Cargo Moscow, Uncanny Valley) among other things. He is also the author of the book "Remote Moscow. How to make money on impressions" by the publishing house "Alpina Publisher".

Straight after the meet-the-artist event, listeners will be able to watch one of the newest performances of the "Impresario" company for free - "We will go for a walk in the forest with ourselves". Special closed sessions will be held in the forest part of the Central Park of culture and leisure on June 4th from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.