A sacred place is empty: does the site specificity change public spaces?

3 June 2021Thursday

A meet-the-artist event with Alexei Platunov

A cycle of meet-the-artist events for Voronezh theatre specialists: directors, artists, producers, employees of the creative departments of theatres (all those who in the future can come up with the initiative and create a theatre project in Voronezh in one of the directions presented).

Participation is free of charge, by prior registration. An obligatory condition for participation is the possibility to attend all three meet-the-artist events of the course.

In order to register, please write to raisa@platonovfest.com, indicate "Lectures of the Voronezh case" in the subject line and tell us a little about yourself in the letter.

Alexei Platunov is a theatre expert, a producer, a curator. He has worked in large theatre institutions of St. Petersburg: the theatre-festival "The Baltic House", The Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama theatre, the Alexandrinsky theatre. He took part in formation of programmes for a number of festivals - "The Baltic House", "Balkan Theatre Space", "The Access Point", "Alexandrinsky". He was the programme director of the 2019 Theatre Olympics. At present, he is an adviser to the artistic director of the Alexandrinsky theatre, a co-curator of the Summer Arts Festival "The Access Point", a member of the Expert Council of the "Golden Mask".