Twelfth Night, or What You Will

William Shakespeare
Voronezh programme
15 September 2020Tuesday
Nikitinsky Theatre

Playing comedy

Nikitinsky Theatre (Voronezh)

Director - Yuri Muravitsky

The premiere of the performance!

Duration - 2 hours 30 minutes with intermission.

A new work by Yuri Muravitsky, laureate of the "Golden Mask", the author of the play "Le Tartuffe" at the Taganka Theatre, until recently, the artistic director of the Rostov theater "18+".

The play will be presented in the tradition of areal theatre - the way it might be today. No “fourth wall”, vivid images, open convention, improvisation and, yes, this “Twelfth Night” can be played anywhere - both in the theatre and on the street.

The main feature of this production is that each performance is played in a different acting combination: at the beginning of the performance, right in front of the audience, the actors, by lot, distribute the roles among themselves. This means that each show will be unique and unrepeatable.

The main word for defining the essence of this performance is play. In Shakespeare's theatre, all roles were played by men; in this performance, the gender identity of the actors is not taken into account at all in the distribution of roles. Actors play a comedy about how they play a comedy - and they can really play it "however they like."