Meet-the-artist event with Dana Sideros

26 September 2020Saturday
Book Club Petrovskiy

Free admission

The Festival’s partner – book club "Petrovskiy"

Dana Sideros is a poet, a playwright, an illustrator, the laureate of the "Nova" award at the Perm festival "SlovoNova" (2013), the author of two poetry collections "The joke is over" (2011) and "The fool's apprentice" (2015). The plays won the new drama competition "Remark". Dana is a frequent guest of poetry meetings in Voronezh. Several performances based on the plays of Sideros have been staged at the Satyricon and Globus theatres.

"[to touch the shoulder] - when, in general, there is nothing left to say, but you just want to remind that you are here and everything is okay for now, or you urge to calm him down if your brother gets excited, or you say, "Well, to hell with them all"."