Based on the play "Fröken Julie" by August Strindberg
International programme
21 September 2020Monday
Venue 1900

Vértice de Teatro Company (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Director - Christiane Jatahy

Premiere - 2011

If you bought tickets for the performance "What if They Went to Moscow?", you can use the priority right to register for the video screening of "Julia" until August 23rd.

When you return the tickets at the ticket office, the cashier will offer you an invitation card. If you bought tickets online, you will receive a link to pre-register by email.

From August 24th, all seats will be made available for registration for the general audience on the Timepad platform. The number of seats is limited.

Duration - 1 hour 10 minutes without intermission

The performance is in Portuguese with Russian subtitles