Crime and Punishment

Fedor Dostoevsky
Contemporary art programme
14 September 2020Monday
Previously announced date: 6 June 2020, 18:00
Voronezh Theatre For Young Spectators — main stage

Theatre "Shelter of the Comedian", St. Petersburg
Director — Konstantin Bogomolov

Together with the project "Festival "Golden Mask" in Voronezh".

Duration — 3 hours 30 minutes with 2 intermissions.

8 nominations for the National Theatre Award "Golden Mask — 2020".

Laureate of the highest theatre prize of St. Petersburg "Golden Sofit" in the categories of "Best Actor" (Alexander Novikov) and "Best Actress" (Marina Ignatova).

Konstantin Bogomolov about the play: "In this play, you will not see Dostoevsky screaming, suffering, sobbing. Here Dostoevsky is calm, rather rational, and not emotional. All emotions are hidden inside. The approach to the "crime" here (not a way of presentation) is, indeed, Tarantino. In the sense that Tarantino’s death is not regarded as a drama, it is only an episode of life. The moments of physical torment were removed from the story of Raskolnikov, although both the text and the structure of the novel are preserved. But at the same time, every monologue is removed from the zone of moral torment. This is what Tarantino has here".

"The game of the entire cast is a real ecstasy. By deliberately lowering the tone, everyone speaks without pressure, as we do in everyday life. Without wringing hands and pathos, they achieve incredible psychological certainty, where any entered meanings are appropriate".
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