The Foundation Pit

Mikhail Roshnyak (Moscow)
Main program
7 June 2018Thursday
Kramskoy’s Art Museum
Mikhail Roshnyak (Moscow)
Pictures and objects made of soil and inspired by the works of Andrei Platonov
June 7 – 17

The exhibition, based on Andrei Platonov’s milestone novel, displays paintings, objects, and installations of a Moscow artist Mikhail Roshnyak.

All Platonov’s works are charged with the theme of the search for the meaning of life, universal truth, and, of course, the theme of death and overcoming it. Likewise, Mikhail Roshnyak is trying to come closer to uncovering the truth and comprehending the most complex meanings of human life using the unusual material and flatly refusing to accept the principles of artistic academism. His pictures made of soil symbolize and reveal the mystery of the existence of a man who spends all his life digging a foundation pit in the hope of reaching the proverbial happiness. What he fails to notice, however, is life passing by while the foundation pit turns from the site of building a happy life to the tomb of broken dreams and false beliefs.

Mikhail Roshnyak is one of the most active and famous contemporary Russian artists. He took part in more than 100 group exhibitions and had 15 personal ones. He is the author and participant of over 100 live art and action art performances. 

Mikhail started an artistic group Miros-Yggs in Leipzig in 1992. In 1993 in Moscow he published a magazine called ALL-MANACH dedicated to the problems of alternative art. Since 1994 he has organized and supervised independent art exhibitions together with O. Mavromati, A. Dugin, S. Kuskov, E. Limonov. G. Vinogradov, S. Kuryokhin, S, Ponomarev, N. Dmitriev, M. Katkova, A. Aigi, E. Kasimov, art group TANATOS (“Spirit and soil” 1,2, “Crusade”, “Archeology of mind”, “STOP NATO”, etc.). Participant of international art fairs in Strasbourg and Geneva since 1996. Organiser and curator of club performances together with S. Kuzin, V. Skvortsov, A. Shilov, A. Stepnov, Max Orekh since 1997. 

 In 2011-2016 Mikhail supervised and participated in the 4th, 5th and 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art with special projects “On transparency”, “Spirit and soil”, “Petroleum in a square”.