The Cow

Andrei Platonov
Main program
10 June 2018Sunday
Voronezh Academic Drama Theatre A.Koltsov — small stage
G.R. Trostyanetsky’s Theatre Studio, Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, Saint Petersburg
Directors – Evgenia Kolesnichenko and Kamilya Khusainova
Duration – 1 hour without intermission
Public: 12+

The premier in 2017

Directors – Evgenia Kolesnichenko and Kamilya Khusainova
Artists: Daniil Bludov, Anastasia Tsypina, Evgenia Kolesnichenko, Nikita Trofimov, Ilya Babushkin, Ulan Karypbaev, Marina Korolkova, Eugeniy Ryzhik, Andrey Bogdanov, Evgeniya Kolesnichenko.

It is a directing course performance of Professor Gennady Trostyanetsky at the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts (RSIPA). The cast consists of the third year students of the faculty of acting and directing.

The creators of the show indicate the genre as "playing with people" and say "it's piercing lyrical story that mixes joy with sorrow, in which people discover in themselves hitherto unknown star worlds".

The G. R. Trostyanetsky third directing course in RSIPA (selection of the 2015 year) is already familiar to St. Petersburg audiences for their student works: the documentary performance "Repost of Christ", the show "Biography", a theatrical collage “Hamlet. Comics”. In 2017 the studio took part in the competition of directorial excerps in GITIS (Russian Institute of Theatre Arts) with "Fairytales by country", three Director's works of the course was among the winners. Studio G. R. Trostyanetsky is a roaring energy, vivid style and orientation on the playing theatre.

Gennady Trostyanetsky is a Soviet and Russian theatre director, teacher, Georgy Tovstonogov student. He staged performances in the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater, Mossovet State Academic Theatre; manage the State Dramatic Theatre on Liteinyi Prospect and the Riga Russian Theatre. There is the director Roman Feodori, Vladimir Zolotar, Boris Pavlovich and others among his graduates.

He is the laureate of the State Prize of Russia (1985), laureate of all-Russian and international theatrical festivals, winner of "Golden Soffit" and "Golden Mask".

Kamilya Khusainova studied at the Belarussian State Academy of Arts from 2010 to 2012, specialization "Directing", and in RSIPA, studio G.R. Trostyanetsky since 2015. In addition to "The Cow", she staged student performance "Treasure". She worked as an assistant director in Belarussian Free Theatre “CH”, as well as on the Belarussian-Lithuanian project "Dziady" by A. Mickiewicz (director R. Kudzmanayte) and the performance "Mother Courage and her children" by B. Brecht (directed by M. Lashitsky). The participant of the directorial conference at GITIS.

Evgenia Kolesnichenko worked as an actress and director in the performances "My biography – failed" and "Old frost and young frost" at the student theatre. The participant of the directorial conference at GITIS.