Macbeth. Film.

William Shakespeare
Main program
9 June 2018Saturday
Voronezh concert hall — big stage
The Lensoviet Academic Theatre, Saint Petersburg
Director – Yuriy Butusov

In collaboration with project “Festival “Golden Mask” in Voronezh”

Duration: 5 hours with 3 intermissions
Public: 18+

The premier October, 13th, 2012

Translated from English by A. Kroneberg
Director – Yuriy Butusov
Choreographer – Nikolaj Reutov
Sound Designer – Ekaterina Pavlenko
Artists: Roman Kocherzhevskiy, Grigoriy Chaban, Ivan Brovin, Laura Pitskhelauri, Vitaliy Kulikov, Oleg Fedorov, Aleksandr Novikov, Roman Baranov, Vsevolod Tsurilo, Anastasia Dyukova, Natalia Shamina, Yustina Vonschik, Lidiya Shevchenko.

Yuriy Butusov destroys the narrative of Shakespeare's play, mounting the scenes at its own discretion, dilating and constricting stage time. The composition is built on a dream logic, the director’s purpose is not continuous telling of the story but searching the essence of the play and its emotional core.

”Macbeth. Film.” received 4 nominations for the award “Golden Mask” -2014: “Best performance in a drama”, “Best Director”, “Best actress” (Laura Pitskhelauri), “Best supporting role” (Alexander Novikov). Director Yuriy Butusov has been awarded the Special Jury Prize of the Festival “Golden Mask” for “the search for unique stage language” in performances “The Good Person of Szechwan” (Theatre. A. S. Pushkin, Moscow) and “Macbeth. Film.” (The Lensoviet Academic Theatre, Saint-Petersburg).

“A modern performance, not at the level of newspaper language, but at the level of an all-destroying rhythm. A remarkable document about the beat of modern life, this cold madness, this violent schizophrenia, about the world, obsessed by the endless rap.”

Alexej Bartoshevich, blog of “Petersburg Theatre Magazine” 

“The main thing here is not the plot of the crime and the struggle for power but the characters’ reflection, which is the punishment for a crime. It is not a coincidence that in one scene lady Macbeth is surrounded by many mirrors. A tragedy turns into a repetitive, phantasmagoric nightmare.”

 Elena Gerusova, “Kommersant”

Yuriy Butusov – one of the most famous and renowned directors of modern Russia, artistic director of the Lensoviet Theatre, laureate of the “Golden Mask”, “Golden soffit”, “The Seagull”, “Crystal Turandot”.

In the Lensoviet Theatre he staged the play “Woyzeck” by G. Buchner, “Waiting for Godot” by S. Beckett, “Caligula” by A. Camus, “The Bedbug” by Vladimir Mayakovski, “The Thief” by V. Mysliwski, “Eldest son” by A. Vampilov, “Liebe. Schiller”, “We are all good people” by I. Turgenev, “City. Marriage. Gogol”, “Cabaret Brecht”, “Shakespeare’s Room”, “Three sisters” and “Uncle Vanya” by A. Chekhov, “Dream of autumn” Yu. Fosse, “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare and others. Butusov staged performances at the Alexandrinski Theatre, in “Satiricon” Theatre, in Oleg Tabakov Theatre, in Moscow Art Theatre A. P. Chekhov, in Theatre. E. Vakhtangov, in Theatre. A. S. Pushkin, as well as in South Korea, Poland, Norway, Denmark and Bulgaria.

In 1998 Yuriy Butusov received the International Stanislavsky Award in the nomination “Best Director of the season” for the performance “The Caretaker” by H. Pinter in the Theatre on Liteiniy Prospect. His performance “The Good Person of Szechwan” (2013) in the Theater A.S. Pushkin became the laureate of the International Stanislavsky Award in the nomination “Event of the season.”

New Butusov's performances “Uncle Vanya” and “Drumsin the night” nominated for the National Theatrical Award “Golden Mask” 2018.

The St. Petersburg Lensoviet Academic Theatre is one of the most famous theatres in Russia. Founded by Isaac Kroll, a Meyerhold disciple, in 1933 in Leningrad under the name New Theatre. The troupe moved into the current building in 1945. In various years the theatre was headed by Boris Sushkevich, Nikolay Akimov, Igor Vladimirov, Vladislav Pazi. Yuriy Butusov is the Сhief Director since 2011 and the Theatre's Artistic Director since 2017.