The Juvenile Sea

Based on the novel by Andrey Platonov
Main program
7 June 2017Wednesday
Voronezh Academic Drama Theatre A.Koltsov — small stage
«Feathering» - Konstantin Khabensky Creative Development Studio in Voronezh
Duration – 1 hour without intermission

Tickets on sale from March 25th
at the box office of Voronezh Concert Hall.
The box office is open daily from 11:00 to 19:00.

The performance of Konstantin Khabensky Creative Development Studio in Voronezh will become a part of the "Theatre +" program. This program includes lectures on theatrical art, discussions of productions, readings of contemporary drama and plays that are not included in the main program of the Platonov Arts Festival.

"The Juvenile Sea" is a new production of the students of the studio, which has already received positive reviews from the critics. The artistic director of the Foundation Konstantin Khabensky, People's Artist of Russia, has also highly evaluated the work of Voronezh students: "You need a special approach for such literature, you need to find its key to discover it on the stage space. It seems to me that the energy, the eyes and, in a good sense, the naivete of our studio’s students are a very true move in the development of this material! ".

      "An excellent job has been made by the children and their director-teacher Alexander Novikov.  They embodied the incredibly powerful, meaningful and harsh Platonov’s text in an exciting-interesting, plastically verified, psychologically convincing action. Each of the children devotes himself entirely to the nature of the performance. At the same time, none of them loses their psychology, that they found in the rehearsals".

Bronislav Tabachnikov, theatre critic

"The performance does not pretend to be academic or high psychological. But it involves all the trump cards that the director has - the freshness of perception and the total dedication of young actors, their plasticity, the amenability to the hand of the master. The joint creation of the students and their mentors creates a stream of visual images that have the expressiveness and relief of works of art. Surprisingly, but the fact is that if you shoot this performance on video and cut into freeze-frames, almost each of them will have an impeccable composition".

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Alexander Novikov is the artistic director of the Konstantin Khabensky Creative Development Studio in Voronezh, theatre director, actor of the Theatre for Young Spectators in Voronezh. Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation. 

Konstantin Khabensky Creative Development Studio in Voronezh was founded in Voronezh in 2011 and today it is one of the 12 studios opened in Russia. There are about 100 students in the Voronezh Studio. Classes are conducted by Honored Artists of the Russian Federation, teachers of the Voronezh Academy of Arts.

Konstantin Khabensky Creative Development Studios are laboratories, which goal is teaching children the basics of theatrical art, their aesthetic education and help in the formation of free, progressive and culturally educated individuals. Children from different regions of the country have the opportunity to work and create joint theatre projects with the stars of theatre and cinema, to exchange cultural experiences with each other.

Konstantin Khabensky says about the mission of the studios: "We are not trying to turn children into actors. We are trying to put them into practice as clever, kind, bright and free people".