The Winter's Tale

William Shakespeare
Main program
10 June 2017Saturday
Voronezh concert hall — big stage
Cheek by Jowl Theatre
Great Britain
Director – Declan Donnellan
Designer – Nick Ormerod
In collaboration with Chekhov International Theatre Festival (Moscow) and Regional Fund in support of Chekhov International Theatre Festival

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the British Council

Duration – 2 hours 40 min with intermission
Premiere in 2016

Performance in English language with Russian subtitles

"A dazzling display of grace and intelligence"

La Croix

"All the vast richness of the world dreamed up by Shakespeare shines with blinding splendour in this Winter’s Tale"

El Pais

"As invigorating and intoxicating as shot of adrenaline: as exciting as theatre can get! (…) The company’s work is always intriguing and a treat to see. The Winter’s Tale is a difficult play, dramaturgically quirky and structurally challenging. Cheek by Jowl mostly pulls it off with aplomb"

Luxemburger Wort

"Donnellan’s production was about loss, and by bringing out the loss of an unseen character in Bohemia, the production united its two halves emotionally. (…)The cast was uniformly phenomenal, bringing life to individual characters and individual set pieces. This was a production of extraordinary nuance"

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