From the Deep...

(Artist Vincent Van Gogh)
Contemporary art programme
8 June 2017Thursday
Voronezh Theatre For Young Spectators — main stage
Kazan State Theatre for Young Spectators, Kazan
Director – Tufan Imamutdinov
Хореограф – Anna Garafeeva
Duration – 1 hour without intermission
Premiere March 30, 2016

The performance was released to the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh (March 30). The basis of the production was formed the letters and the pictures of the great artist in the period from 1882 to 1885. Van Gogh lived in the Netherlands that time, in the province of Drenthe, among the rural population and the workers who are the main characters of his paintings. The brightest period of his work - "Potato Eaters".