Birthplace of Electricity

Opera by Gleb Sedelnikov based on the novel by Andrey Platonov
Platonov program
2 June 2017Friday
Opera and Ballet Theatre
Voronezh State Opera and Ballet Theatre, Voronezh
World premiere!

Director – Mikhail Bychkov
Designer – Nikolai Simonov
Conductor – Yuri Anisichkin


"Birthplace of Electricity" is the first and it seems that the world's only opera written on the basis of Andrey Platonov's work (1981). In 1987, at the Festival of Contemporary Music "Moscow Autumn" there were parts of the work presented - Introduction and Prologue. Despite the fact that other operas by  Gleb Sedelnikov were willingly and actively staged in Russia and abroad, the "Birthplace of Electricity" has never been performed in full - largely due to the complexity of the musical material.