Imitation of Life

Contemporary art programme
6 June 2017Tuesday
Voronezh concert hall — big stage
Proton Theatre
Director – Kornél Mundruczó

Premiere in Russia!
Duration – 1 hour 30 min without intermission
Premiere April 27, 2016
Performance in Hungarian language with Russian subtitles

"Kornél Mundruczó’s hyper-realist masterpiece" - Austria

"In a time where establishing one’s identity is increasingly important, Mundruczó has crafted a theatre production that address these questions: Are we able to sever our family roots? Can we deny our background? Is it possible to create an identity tailored to suit us? Imitation of life presents a young man’s desperate attempts as he strives for a better life" - Austria

"This is the theatre of material and life’s game that moves one to tears" - Germany

"Lili Monori and Roland Rába bring their struggle for the flat to life. They are a captivating duo. (…) It is hyper-realism verging on satire"

Wiener Zeitung - Austria

"Mundruczó Kornél and Budapest’s Proton Theatre have succeeded in creating a political zeitstück that is uncommonly dense and significant. After the lights go out, the audience sits for minutes in silence before rewarding the director, the spectacle and the actors with lengthy applause" - Germany