Main program
13 June 2016Monday
Green theatre
Pavana Theatre (the Netherlands) Show

Central Park of Culture and Leisure

(bus stop: Dinamo)

Entrance is free

Where are these enchanting ballerinas from? Their beautiful multicolor skirts, which took 250 meters of fabric to make, repeat the movements of stilt-legs. It is a tall order to keep balance in ballet shoes at such a height, but under the supervision of an experienced choreographer these stunning ballerinas will manage to pull off even most difficult steps. 

Founded in Venice in 1993, Pavana is now based in Amsterdam.The theatre engages actors from different countries of the world in its shows. The company includes stilt-walkers, acrobats, musicians and dancers. Their bright costumes mesmerize spectators of all ages and their fancy characters take the audience on a journey to their magical world.

Participants of Platonov Arts festival (2014).