Children's tent

Main program
11 June 2016Saturday
Soviet square
Entrance is free

10:30 - workshop a new book about mathematics “Meet Mathematics”  

Do you think that mathematics is boring? But it s everywhere around us. Mathematics helps us to travel around the world, build houses and roads, paint pictures and compose music. Whatever profession you choose you will need mathematics! Participants of the master-class will become real cryptologists, learn how people in Ancient Egypt counted and draw a picture in the manner of Piet Mondriaan, an abstract artist! 

Publishing House “A Walk Through History”     


12:00 - Interactive meeting of a writer Maria Bershadskaya with children

“Big Little Girl” book series is presented by way of “believe it or not”game . Participants will try to turn into giants, think about “stereotypes” and use a secret recipe of “Big Little Girl” to make an unusual dish. 

Publishing House “KompasGid”


13:15 - workshop “Clever Paper”

3D paper design without scissors and glue 

The master-class teaches to create models – copies of architectural monuments that are masterpieces of wood and stone architecture of different countries and epochs as well as copies of historic and modern railroad engineering. 

Company “Clever Paper”


14:30 - workshop “Delicious Story”

The world of spices is a real science.  What inspired sailors to discover new places? Do bananas grow on trees? Children will become professional taste-testers, learn how vanilla and cinnamon smell and why people need black pepper, and taste the “ideal fruit” of Central America.

Publishing House “A Walk Through History”