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12 June 2016Sunday
Prospekt Pevolutsii
Entrance is free

16:20 – "Bubbles of Hope"

Performance by Andrey Bartenev (Moscow)

This performance was conceived in a workshop of an English sculptor Andrew Logan. Andrey Bartenev was doodling circles with snowflake eyes, longing for snow, so untypical for winter in London. This is how the phrase was coined - "bubbles of hope" meaning hope for snow. The words morphed into numerous bright costumes of balloons and a vibrant show, which has successfully toured London, Munich, Vilnius, Saint-Petersburg, New-York, Miami, Berlin and Norilsk.

"Bubbles of Hope" is a performance of floating sculptures, hiding a human body, whose movement causes transformation of shapes by almost a second.

16:40 – performance by “Sozvezdie” Circus studio and Children’s theatre of Buffoonery “Balagur” (Novaya Usman)

17:00 – "Bubbles of Hope"

Performance by Andrey Bartenev (Moscow)

17:20 – «Flower Ship "Flower Power"»

Show by street theatre “Fire People” (Moscow)

A vessel is a flagship of any carnival. A kaleidoscope of colors, flowers and rhythms energizes the spectators. This surreal fleet is armed with flowers and music, kilograms of confetti and kilometers of streamer!

18:00 – "Little Dragons"

Performance by Efimer theatre (Spain)

The authors of this amusing show reminisce about the childhood – the world without gadgets, where a cardboard box and a can of spray paint were enough to make whatever fantasy come true. They created three dragons made of patchwork. These gigantic soft toys (measuring 4,5 meters in length and 2,5 meters in height) are no figments of imagination, they are reality.

18:30 – performance by "Art-Kurazh-Show" theatre studio (Voronezh)

18:50 – "Little Dragons" 

Performance by Efimer theatre (Spain)