Huge poetry reading "In Clear Language"

8 June 2016Wednesday
Art centre “Commune” (ex-printery)
Entrance is free
"In Clear Language" is an initiative of the city. Such authors as Vera Pavlova, Sergei Gandlevsky, Dana Sideros, Evgeny Soya and others came to Voronezh as part of the project. Besides, events featuring local authors are also hold occasionaly. The task of the project is to popularize poetry of every kind.

Each poet will begin their performance in the "Commune" with their favorite poem of a contemporary poet so the spectators could listen not only to the participants' works but also those of authors who have not been able to come to the Platonov Festival.

Voronezh authors: Elena Dudukina, Anton Kalashnikov, Igor Mikhalev, Mikhail Potapov, Rodion Prilepin, Vera Safonova, Daniil Chekrygin. 
Guests: Alexander Savitskikh (Belgorod), Marshak (Kursk), Kris Aivere (Moscow), Tasha Granovskaya (Moscow), Ernesto Zatknites (Voronezh, Saint Petersburg).