Three Sisters

Anton Chekhov
Main program
9 June 2016Thursday
Voronezh concert hall — big stage
Novosibirsk State Academic Theatre “Red Torch”
Director - Timothy Kulyabin
Designer - Oleg Golovko
Light desiner - Denis Solntsev
Assistant director - Natalya Yarushkina
Cast: Ilya Musyco, Anton Voynalovich, Clavdia Kachusova, Valeria Kruchinina, Irina Krivonos, Daria Yemelyanova, Linda Akhmetzyanova, Denis Frank, Alexey Mezhov, Pavel Polyakov, Hon. Art. RF Andrey Chernykh, Sergey Bogomolov, Hon. Art. RF Sergey Novikov, Elena Drinevskaya, Konstantin Telegin


Premiere – 2015
Duration – 4 hours 15 minutes with three intermissions

In collaboration with the project "Golden Mask" Festival in Voronezh"

Searching for the key to the text, largely worn by numerous interpretations, the director finds an unexpected and unique technique: the performance is played in the sign language. Chekhov's text is transmitted to the screen as subtitles, and "sounds" in the viewer's imagination with the very intonation he wants to read it.

Leaving provincial backwater, serving science, working - everyone in Prozorov’s family agrees with each other, and everyone strives for happiness. The characters can not understand until the very end how the tragedy is born from this common impulse, not only because they truly do not hear each other. The further into play the more rapidly mood and atmosphere changes, and recognizable Chekhovian motifs sound more desperately.

The play was successfully shown at the "Territory" festival in Moscow.


Timothy Kulyabin is one of the most famous modern Russian directors. Born in a theatrical family (his father, Alexander Kulyabin is a director of the "Red Torch"theatre, creator of "Siberian Transit" and "Novo-Siberian Transit" festivals). He graduated from the Directing Department of GITIS, Oleg Kudryashov’s workshop. He debuted on the professional stage with a play "Nevskij Prospect" in Omsk.

Since 2007 Timothy Kulyabin is a director. Since 2015 he is a chief director of the Novosibirsk Theatre "Red Torch". Also, he staged performances at the Theatre of Nations in the Riga Russian Theatre of M. Chekhov and other stages. In 2014, his "Onegin" perfrormance became the "Golden Mask" Award winner.

"Red Torch" Theatre is one of the leading theatres of Novosibirsk known throughout Russian theatre. It was founded in 1932. Theatre performances have repeatedly been nominated for the "Golden Mask" National Award; also, there is a theatre festival "Novo-Siberian Transit" held on the basis of "Red Torch".