Eugene Ionesco
Main program
3 June 2016Friday
Voronezh concert hall — big stage
National Theatre “Marin Sorescu” Craiova
Direction, set design, lighting concept - Robert Wilson
Costume design - Jacques Reynaud
Associate director- Charles Chemin, Tilman Hecker
Associate set designer - Adrian Damian
Lighting design - John Torres, A.J. Weissbard
Intern light design - Rui Monteiro
Video - Tomek Jeziorski
Music - Adam Lenz
Sound design - Daniel Drăgoescu
Dramaturg - Konrad Kuhn
Assistant stage direction - Bobi Pricop
Assistant costume design - Adriana Dinulescu
Stage manager - Gina Călinoiu
Stage manager asistent - Laurenţiu Tudor

The Whitness, a Logician - Ilie Gheorghe
Bérenger - Valentin Mihali
Daisy - Iulia Bleonț
Jean - Claudiu Bleonț
Dudard - Valer Dellakeza
The Grocer’s Wife - Tamara Popescu
The Grocer - Angel Rababoc
The Old gentleman - Nicolae Poghirc
The Housewife - Raluca Păun
The Waitress - Monica Ardeleanu
The Cafe proprietor - George Albert Costea
Monsieur Papillon - Cosmin Rădescu
Botard - Constantin Cicort
Madama Boeuf - Mirela Cioabă
A Fireman - Dragoș Măceșanu
The Old neighbors - Iulia Colan, Ion Colan
Kneeplays 1 + 2 - Corina Druc, Anca Ghiță, Geni Macsim, Natașa Raab, Costinela Ungureanu, Romanița Ionescu; Alex Calangiu, Cosmin Dolea, Claudiu Mihail,   Adrian Andone, Marian Politic, Eugen Titu, Cătălin Vieru
Kneeplays 3 - Raluca Păun, Tamara Popescu
Kneeplay 4 - Cosmin Rădescu

Head of technical staff - George Dulămea
Head of lighting staff - Dodu Ispas, Ştefăniţă Rezeanu
Sound engineer - Tom Brânduş
Sound staff - Valentin Pârlogea, George Udrea
Video projection - Florin Chirea
Video documentation - Emilia Chirea
Make up - Minela Popa, Mihaela Guran
Make up assistent - Oana-Veronica Popa, Anca-Maria Ghiţă
Distribution - Costinela Ungureanu, Adrian-Cristian Ţîrcă


Premiere – 2014
Duration – 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission

Premiere in Russia!

Robert Wilson’s productions do not cease to amaze and induce the audience to reconsider their view of the theatre. Every scene, every "rame" of his plays is choreographed to perfection: accurate colour balance, delicate touches, beautiful costumes and grotesque make-up design. 

"Rhinoceros", a play by one of the founders of the Theatre of the Absurd Eugene Ionesco, was produced in the playwright’s home country Romania. Ionesco and  Wilson were acquainted: they met in Paris, where the famous absurdist offered the American director to stage one of his plays.  It took Robert Wilson almost 45 years to put his mind to the idea and, eventually, he chose one of the playwright’s most complicated works.

Robert Wilson is a cult figure in the theatre, one of the world’s foremost vanguard theater artists of the XX-XXI century. He creates on stage his mathematically precise universe at the junction of the drama theatre and contemporary art, dance, MIME and shadow theater.

 "Deafman Glance", produced in 1971 in Paris and enthusiastically received at Festival d'Avignon, brought Robert Wilson world-wide acclaim. In 1976, in collaboration with a composer Philip Glass, he created the famous opera "Einstein on the Beach", after which he started working more and more often in Europe. 

In the past years, the director has been collaborating with Berliner Ensemble theatre, where he has created a number of productions including the famous "Shakespeare’s Sonnets". Recently, the Theatre of Nations in Moscow saw his "Pushkin’s Fairy Tales" performance, which became a sensation of the Russian theatre season. 

Robert Wilson is a holder of numerous awards in theatre and arts, an honorary member of several universities in the USA, Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters (France). 

The National Theatre of Craiova is one of the most renowned theatres of Romania taking a regular part in international festivals like Festival d'Avignon, Edinburgh Festival,  Wiener Festwochen  and others. The theatre was founded in 1850.  Its stage has seen the productions by such directors as Silviu Purcarete, Peter Brook, Eimuntas Nekrosius, Robert Wilson and Lev Dodin. 

The National Theatre of Criova – a  member of the European Theatrical Convention (CTE) since 1995 — has become the first theatre from a Central and East European country entering this international association's guild.  The famous British magazine "The Stage" compared the National Theatre of Craiova with Brecht’s Berliner Ensemble and Peter Brook’s Royal Shakespeare Company. It is the only theatre in Romania to be awarded the "Cultural Merit" Order in the rank of Commander.  

"It has been said that Wilson’s theatre is that of "mobile sculptures", that the actor is especially shape in the refined geometry of the director – one with its own rhetoric, an  alternation of space and non-space, full and empty, which the light-infused décor  illustrates. Architect Wilson’s show from Craiova, a suite of vivant paintings, stuns  through the beauty of shapes"

Cultura magazine

"The performance contains all the ingredients that the Wilson brand has us accustomed to: impressive glowing backgrounds, rapid changes of color; spectacular videos, expressive and extravagant costumes, interesting decor elements. Yet if all these were to be expected, it was the intellectual approach of the play that surprised us, and very pleasantly too"

SpectActor magazine

"Robert Wilson’s new staging at the National Theatre of Craiova is a triumph... Wilson is a painter, an architect and an artist for the visual stage"

Revista SpectActor