“Spacious Universe”

“In the Beautiful and Savage World…” and “Humanity Sings in My Heart…” programs
12 June 2015Friday
Andrey Platonov's monument area

This year, Platonov festival will add yet another literature venue - the one next to Andrey Platonov’s monument, where Voronezh literary and artistic figures will be performing for three days. The program “Spacious Universe” (from Andrey Platonov’s poem “The world is born by a man’s smile…”) will take place from 12 to 14 June.

The program “In the Beautiful and Savage World” has been prepared by the Voronezh Division of the Union of Russian Writers. A lightning tournament ”What Do You Know about Platonov?”  with original prizes – books signed by Voronezh writers – will be held. Besides, the members of the Union (Ivan Bykov, Vitaly Gadiyatov, Natalya Molovtseva, Sergey Pylev,    A. Ryaskin and others) will read their works.

The program “Humanity Sings in My Heart…” by “Podyom/Rise” journal features performances of young poets and bards together with participants of music and poetry festivals of the Voronezh region (“Vorontsovaya Rus/Vorontsov Russia”, “Batyushka-Don/Father-Don”, “Kalitvyanskiy Prichal/Kalitva Pier”, “To the Glory of Boris and Gleb”, “Stikhoborie/ Poem Contest”,”Parus Nadezhdy/ Sail of Hope”).