“someone else / a soldier’s face”

Multi-format concert performance by Rodion Prilepin and Dmitry Gulbin
11 June 2015Thursday
Art centre “Commune” (ex-printery)
Rodion Prilepin – texts, poems, audiopoetry
Dmitry Gulbin – music, sound
Special guests: Sergey Sharapov – guitar, wind
Media-studio Ganeshlab – video-mapping

“someone else” is a Voronezh artistic company, who released their first disc in spring 2015. The presentation of the CD has taken place in over 20 cities.

The concert format can be referred to as a musical play and a poetic performance. The program represents a combination of poetry and music, characterized by exceptional vividness and shamanism.  For their concert within Platonov Arts Festival the musicians are preparing a special piece, meant for the old “Commune” building, or, rather, inspired by the atmosphere of this historical place.