“I have lived a life…”

Dramatic Reading of Andrey Platonov’s Letters
Platonov program
8 June 2015Monday
Art centre “Commune” (ex-printery)
Directing by German Grekov

Featuring actors of Voronezh Chamber Theatre

Dramatic reading of Andrey Platonov’s letters by actors of the Chamber Theatre. The dramatist and reading director is German Grekov. The scenic composition is based on the materials of A. P. Platonov’s book “…I Have Lived a Life. Letters. 1920-1950” edited by N. Kornienko and E. Shubina, which was presented within Platonov festival fourth edition.

The spectators will see Platonov-writer, Platonov-meliorator, Platonov-loving husband and father…Heart-wrenching, filled with yearning, anxiety, insistence and passion letters to his wife, the editors, different authorities, these messages open a new source of understanding Platonov’s work.