Meeting with Linor Goralik

6 June 2015Saturday
Art centre “Commune” (ex-printery)

The fairy-tale "Martin Won’t Cry" first came out in 2007. Platonov festival guests will be among the first to have an opportunity to appreciate a new edition of the fairy, rewritten by hand and illustrated by the author, published in June 2015.

Linor Goralik is a poet, writer, essayist, translator, artist and a blogger; an author of two children’s books, two novels, a few collections of short stories and poems, non-fiction books, comics about Bunny PZ and the fairy-tale “Agatha Comes Back Home”. Since 2006 she has been publishing an interview cycle with contemporary Russian-speaking poets in every issue of the poetic journal “Vozdukh/Air”. She collaborates with the newspaper “Vedomosti”, “Kommersant” publishing house, “Snob” journal, Colta.Ru project and others. Teaches theory of costume at the Higher School of Economics.